Permissions for Trello, access control for your Trello boards and cards (finally)

If you have a large group of people all working together in the same Trello board, chances are that less careful people will end up messing with the board structure, inadvertently modifying cards that don't concern them or other messy stuff.

Maybe that's your use case, or perhaps you want to have a board that is much more open than that, with lots of people you don't even know, but still don't want them to destroy the work of others.

For these and other scenarios, you can now use a service that will give you much more power to decide who can do what in your Trello board.

Simple to use permissions

When you enable Permissions on a Trello board, all actions become unallowed for every user on the board, except admins (and team admins).

If you want to give some user permission to work on a specific card, just add them as members of that card. Basically we envision a board structure in which multiple cards are assigned to single users or small groups of users.

All unallowed actions (such as commenting, messing with checklists or deleting stuff) are immediately reversed while allowed actions just happen normally.

Get started with Permissions for Trello

Authorize with Trello You'll be prompted to choose a board to enable Permissions on it.
Permissions for Trello demo screencast

To the left, an example of an user trying to modify a card he is not allowed to.

Want to experiment with a demo? Try joining and modifying our board here

Permissions for Trello is free during beta. Later, it is likely that we will charge a small fee per active user in the board per month.

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