free, automatic website analytics with no accounts or registration

You have a simple website, or multiple simple websites, or multiple small webapps. You don't need all the features Google Analytics offers, you just want to know how many people are browsing your sites and from where they're coming. was made for you. It tracks just the basic stuff, doesn't require any configuration, it's plug-and-play.

how to use?

Just include the following snippet in any page you want:

(function (d, s) {
  var x, h, n =
  tc = function (p) {
    m = s.getItem('_tcx') > n ? s.getItem('_tch') : 'cold-wildflower'
    x = new XMLHttpRequest()
    x.addEventListener('load', function () {
      if (x.status == 200) {
        s.setItem('_tch', x.responseText)
        s.setItem('_tcx', n + 14400000)
    })'GET', ''+m+'.xml?r='+d.referrer+(p?'&p='+p:''))
})(document, localStorage)

Yes, you don't have to preregister or generate a site id, just include that. We will associate the analytics data with the site domain, so later you can visit and browse all the data. has other unique features

Track user actions and conversions using a score mechanism: did the visitor perform an interesting action, like clicking on some button or filling some form? Call tc(5) to score 5 points, did it actually convert? Call tc(40) to acknowledge that! Browsing a page automatically scores 1 point.

You can use your own subdomain as the tracking endpoint. This way you can bypass adblockers (if someday they start blocking the domain) and get correct statistics.

Everything is public by default so you can share your statistics with anyone. screenshot

Want to see a live demo? View the stats for this same website here

and if you're a power user, we offer paid plans

Please let us know if you're interested in these, email us at [email protected].

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